What folks are saying …

Paula Canova Logo drafts“Thank you Lynn Hoffman for designing my logo, sign and business cards!! I’ll make sure I recommend you to colleagues, etc.!” ~ Paula Canova, Long & Foster Realtors, MD
IMG_0087sm“I’m speechless! Thank you soooo much Lynn. We will be framing quite a few of these!” ~ Marcus (Groom), MD
IMG_0094sm“I have to give wholesome thanks to Lynn Hoffman of Lynn’s Designs. I received our wedding DVDs today and I am speechless. Your work is stellar. I know I told you that before, but I have to announce it to everyone! I love seeing the new angles and views; it’s like reliving the experience all over again. And you recorded us singing!!!! That was such a pleasant surprise!!! Definitely just made my whole day! Yay!!!!” ~ Mark (Groom), MD
IMG_0038sm“Lynn, these are incredible!!!! I cannot say thank you enough for all of your hard work and for capturing these moments so beautifully. Clicking through the gallery walked me through that night all over again and it is exactly what I needed right now. You have given us by far one of the greatest wedding gifts ever. … Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!!!” ~ Mark (Groom), MD
IMG_0116“It was absolutely a pleasure meeting you yesterday!! I can’t thank you enough, especially after seeing this sampling of pictures … THEY ARE AMAZING!! I just started crying again. LOL. Your work is incredible and I cannot thank you enough. I definitely know who to call for the next event and who to refer!! You were absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!! You have beautifully captured so many precious moments. We love, love, LOVE what we have seen. Can’t wait to see the rest.” ~ Mark (Groom), MD
IMG_0384“Lynn … Thank you. I saw Louise last night and she said she had received the DVD and loved them. I love the photos … [they] are wonderful…!” ~ Mother of the Bride, MD
IMG_9953“These photos are absolutely gorgeous … well done, Lynn!! You really captured the real spirit of the day – so much laughter .. and a few tears!! xx” ~ wedding guest, MD
web-Periwinkle“Lynn, I love working with you! Not only are you a creative genius, a great photographer, and a very good writer and proofreader – your great sense of humor and patience make you a joy to work with. Thank you for all your creative suggestions and wonderful tolerance of those of us who don’t know what we’re doing!” ~ LuAnne, Owner of Periwinkle Farm LLC, MD
IMG_8078ensm“Lynn was fun to work with and very patient with the needs of my three little treasures ages 3 weeks, 2 and 4! She captured the essence of what it means to be a child in the photographs and really made use of the outdoor surroundings and props. Making changes and ordering photos was easy too. She is a talented individual that truly enjoys making memories for others. Thank you so much Lynn!” ~ Maria, MD
web-Nancys“Lynn, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help getting my website up and running. Since I have little knowledge of web design and maintenance, your patience and expertise were a Godsend.  Thanks for all your help!” ~ Nancy, Owner of Nancy’s Unique Designs, FL
IMG_9113-“Lynn is an amazing, professional photographer who brings out the best in her clients. I generally hate pictures of myself, but Lynn’s talent with the camera and wonderful personality produced excellent results. She agreed to come to my house, arrived on time, and was friendly and courteous throughout the photo shoot, putting me at ease. The results speak for themselves – great value, lots of prints to choose from (provided on my own personal DVD), and I continue to get compliments on the pictures one year later. Thank you, Lynn!” ~ cori, MD
web-SweetSp“Lynn, thank you so much for my beautiful new website. After talking you knew exactly what I wanted. You are a treasure, Thank you!!” ~ Kimberly, Owner of Sweet Sparkles by Kimberly, Orchard Park, NY
Maurice Lynch-Shelleys Dad-b&a“Lynn Hoffman’s skills are something to behold. When my parents lost all of their wedding photos and only had one, Lynn’s ability to restore the photo was unbelievable and so special. I recently lost my biological father and had one photo of him when he was young. It had a terrible crease in it and Lynn worked her magic once again and restored that photo. One would never be able to see that it was damaged. If you have any photos that need to be restored … Lynn is the person you should go to. Not only is her work excellent, she is the kindest and easiest person to deal with. I enjoy seeing the photography that she shares when doing an event or when the moment is right as she moves through her day. If I ever have an event that warrants a photographer, Lynn will be the person I will go to. She has such a special ability to “see” special moments that we always want to go back and remember.” ~ Shelley, MD
34“I was fortunate enough to meet Lynn through my daughter; they went to school together. We had a picture that needed to be restored, a picture of us when we were first married and wanted to keep. It was in very bad shape. Shelley said send it to Lynn Hoffman, she will fix it and she did! Wonderful Job Lynn.  Thank You.” ~ Gloria, MD
IMG_6926-sepia“My husband and I recommend Lynn to everyone we know. We had the pleasure of having her for our wedding. She was so wonderful to work with, she made me feel completely at ease and got so many amazing shots! She truly captured the emotions of our special day!” ~ Jennifer (Bride), MD
4“Thank you Lynn for the incredible job you did shooting our wedding in May 2012! To anyone who reads this, Lynn was very professional and not pushy like a lot of photographers are. She captured so many great moments of all phases during the wedding that we enjoy daily because we framed a few (they are THAT good!). The cake cutting shots and when Jen was walking down the aisle were my favorites. Thanks again Lynn, and when we need a photographer you’re the only one we will call!” ~ Bryan (Groom), MD
Tracys Dad-before&after“Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my father’s photo. You took a washed out Polaroid and turned it into a vibrant photo worthy of display and I could not be more thrilled with the results. I wanted to let you know that I liked the photo so much I had prints made for my dad’s relatives. Last weekend I gave them to his brother and two of his sisters; they loved it, and couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful the photo looked. Thank you so much – you really did restore a treasured family photo.” ~ Tracy, MD
before&after“Lynn, thanks so much for restoring one of my favorite photos. It is better than the original! Thanks Lynn!” ~ Shauneen, MD


08/23/2013 I know good photography when I see it, and some of the photos I’ve seen of yours are just breathtaking. Does National Geographic ever have open call for ‘amateur’ photographers or anything like that? ~ Lisa
08/09/2013 Thanks Lynn – WOW! That’s really amazing. You did an awesome job – call me a happy customer! ~ Tracy
07/07/2013 I want to like this 1 million times! ~ Maria
07/07/2013 I love the photos. You do great work. ~ Sandra
06/28/2013 Lynn, your pics are absolutely gorgeous! You should join instagram to share with people! Hard for me to pick a fav! ~ Carol
06/28/2013 Absolute perfection! Love love love your pics! ~ Angie
06/15/2013 What an awesome wedding photographer. I would suggest u to anyone. ~ David
10/06/2012 THANK YOU THANK YOU Lynn for everything! We’re SO excited to see the rest of the photos! ~ Margaret, Bride
08/04/2012 Very cool pictures Lynn! – Pam
08/02/2012 Girl you are amazing with that camera!! – Carol
08/02/2012 Wow!!! – Tanya
08/02/2012 WHOA. – Alissa
08/02/2012 Girl, you are awesome ! What a shot! – Debbie
08/02/2012 I really, really, really like your nature pictures … have you called National Geographic for a job? – Karen
07/24/2012 We are certainly lucky to have had you at our wedding. – David, Groom
07/24/2012 Excellent pictures! You definitely do a great job with your photos. – Karen
07/24/2012 Beautiful Wedding Photos!!!! Great Job!!!! – Ginger
07/21/2012 Very nice photos Lynn! – Johanna
07/21/2012 Hi friends, check out this beautiful collage from daughter Nicki Carson’s and new son-in-law David Taylor’s wedding album. Fantastic photography by Lynn Hoffman. Thank you, Lynn! – Vicki, mother of the bride
07/14/2012 Mad props to Lynn. You rock. Thanks for making this fun and calming my nerves. – cori
05/25/2012 My niece, Jennifer, on her Wedding day. Such a gorgeous wedding. Thanks Lynn, the pictures came out beautiful! – Linda
05/19/2012 “Hi Lynn, you did an awesome job on Jen and Bryan’s Wedding Day! I agree with Jen, you captured emotions … Fantastic Work!!! Thank you for making their special day turned into great photos to have for a life time!!!! … All of the Wedding Photos are so good! Lynn did a fantastic job!!!!” – Ginger, mother of the groom
05/18/2012 “Thank you so much Lynn Hoffman! You did the most astounding photo shoot for our wedding!! …  You truly captured emotions rather than just pictures!!! … We couldn’t have had better pics! … You did the most amazing job Lynn!! … Thank you so much! You are so creative! … Love ya and thanks again!” - Jen, Bride
04/24/2012 “Photos from the SCHS Stagelighters production of CATS … So amazing! Thank you Lynn for taking such beautiful photos and making them available for us! Such wonderful memories!!” - Lisa
02/10/2012 “Omg … it’s amazing!  Thank you soooo much!” – Kris
02/08/2012 “Hi Lynn … All of your photos are gorgeous!” – Mary
01/31/2012 “Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy seeing your photography … always gorgeous shots!” – Krystal
01/30/2012 “You are so talented.” – Sheri
09/19/2011 “Your composition is so right on – you are a talented photographer!” – Truett
09/19/2011 The pictures look beautiful! – Robin
09/19/2011 Wow! These really turned out beautiful!! – Sharon
06/21/2011 I love your talent! You are very blessed! – Sheri
06/19/2011 “Thank you so much for fixing our photo!! Thought there was no hope! Then you came thru … just in time for our 50th anniversary! You have done a beautiful job! We will keep you in mind for other photos.  Again, Thank You so much.” – Gloria & John
06/19/2011 She is magical!! – Shelley
06/19/2011 This is sooo insaneee. :o How did you do this?! – Alissa
06/19/2011 OMG that is awesome!!!!!!!! – Paula
06/19/2011 Amazing!! Looks like new! – Linda
06/19/2011 “Lynn, this was the only photograph my Parents had from their wedding 50 years ago. All of the other photos were ruined. Your refurbishment of this means so much to them and the entire family. Thank you from our Hearts for being a phenomenal person and a joy to work with. My parents never thought they would have this photograph due to the condition, and an outrageous and stressful situation with a company they found on the internet.” – Shelley
03/29/2011 “The website looks great! Thank you so much!” – Mary Beth, Miles Ahead Farm
03/25/2011 “THANK YOOOOOU, Lynn! Hey, wow … what a great job you did on those tickets! LOVE them! What a wizard you are! It is a great-looking ticket and hopefully one that everyone will clamor to purchase. Thank you for your amazing work on our behalf. You have a wonderful aesthetic and a keen eye! Much obliged.” – Vanessa, PBUUC
11/07/2010 “I love them! I just looked at them all. You are wonderful.” – Megan
11/07/2010 “This is great stuff!” – Ken
11/07/2010 “Wow … beautiful! Megan, how are you going to choose??? They are all so good!” – Lisa
04/05/2010 “Unique and beautiful.” – Judy
02/03/2010 “Lynn designed a brochure for my jewelry business. I wanted to show the many facets and she certainly did that. I then brought her in to design a new website for me with all the bells and whistles on it. She exceeded my expectations, and worked through areas I didn’t realize that I wanted and should have. I would highly recommend Lynn and her services.” – Kimberly
10/26/2009 “Thank you so much!! I love ALL of them!! I really cannot thank you enough!! Not only did I get some amazing pictures, but I had a wonderful time hanging out with you. Thanks again!” – Angela
09/30/2009 “We have some awesome shots of Ali and Ari all thanks to Lynn.  Definitely a talent!” – Sheri
08/25/2009 “Got them today, they look great, thanks” – Erin
05/11/2009 “Lynn, thanks for all the pictures! They are beautiful. We went to a family gathering, and I was glad to have the pictures with us to show everyone. The keychain is an extra nice touch. Thanks again.” – Michelle
03/03/2009 You really do nice work! – Debbie
02/19/2009 “… Lynn has proofed every press release, e-newsletter, article, etc.  She’s quick to get back to me, and very thorough in her work.  I don’t know what I would do without her!” – Margaret Rizzo, Owner, Mythic Landing Enterprises, LLC
02/05/2009 “Please know how effective your work has been on my website Periwinkle Farm, LLC.  I receive several telephone inquiries a month and most of them say that they saw my website and because of it are calling to see if I have any boarding spaces available.  Working with you to come up with the correct concept was easy, as you were so attentive and understood what message we were trying to convey.  Your photography is excellent and your concepts captured the style I wanted.  I have not had to advertise as much because people find my website and they are encouraged to call from that.  It often seems that it costs a lot to develop an effective website, but the savings make it a bargain.” – LuAnne Levens, Owner, Periwinkle Farm, LLC
01/18/2009 “Lynn ALL of these photos are fabulous! … girl, you’ve got talent!!!!” – Doreen
01/05/2009 “[My daughter] loved the pictures … I posted your card in our barn … Hope you get some business out of this, your work is very good!  I am putting the collage in a shadow box with one of his horse shoes … This will be her memento of her 1st horse. Every girl needs that!” – Donna
12/28/2008 “I admire your photography … you are amazing!” – Lisa
12/26/2008 “[My husband] really loved the sketch! … Everyone was really impressed! Thanks again.” – Ellen
12/11/2008 “They look really good Lynn!!! … Thanks again so much!!! You do awesome work!!” – Heather
12/06/2008 “Your work is amazing.  I send links to my friends so they can see.  The wedding pictures are beautiful.” – Karen N.
12/10/2008 “That is beautiful! Thanks so much, I will definitely contact you again to do something for us.  My husband is going to freak when he opens this on Christmas!” – Maria
12/08/2008 “Everything was very nice.  Hope you will be at another show with me again.” – Dorothy
12/06/2008 “I showed my daughter the sketch, she was awestruck.  You are certainly very talented.” – Maria
11/20/2008 “That is really nice.  Good Job!” – Leo
11/15/2008 “You are VERY talented.  I love your horse sketch.” – Phyllis
11/14/2008 “Pretty awesome Lynn!” – Steve
11/14/2008 “These portraits are beautiful!” – Cathy
09/26/2008 “Thank you so much for the portrait [sketch] of Lacey. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to get it framed. I really am going to treasure it.” – Tracy
08/29/2008 “Thank you sooooo much for the keychain and the photos! It was an unexpected gift.  My daughter loves it … she just got her driver’s license last week and has put the keychain on with the key to the car and absolutely loves it. The photos are beautiful and a great keepsake for her of her beloved horsey. Good luck to you in the future and hope you do well with your photos!  Thanks again.” – Wendy
07/28/2008 “Just wanted to let you know my CD arrived yesterday and it works great! Thank you so much! And thanks a ton for the prints!! They look awesome.” – Ashley
07/22/2008 “Great layout … not just another run-of-the-mill picture of a flower .” – Jennifer
07/21/2008 “Your photos look great. Your wedding shots look really good. You also had some interesting uses of light. The silhouette of the girl and horse with the light coming through the window are particularly good.” – Karen S.
07/20/2008 “Everyone loved them. I think they were overwhelmed by the number of pictures …” – Nancy
07/16/2008 “Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the photos. It was hard to choose …  We would like to order pictures from your special …” – Wendy
07/03/2008 “They are gorgeous!!!! I am having fun putting together our album. Thanks again!” – Heather
07/03/2008 “I love a lot of these shots.  Some are serious, some are playful.  I love the ones with the water and mountain in the background.  I really enjoyed what you did with the black and white and the sepia.  Very cool.” – cori
06/26/2008 “You took WONDERFUL photos this past weekend!  Well done!” – Emily
06/23/2008 “I think you did a fantastic job, and they were lucky to have you there. The wedding was beautiful and so were the pictures. Good job, Lynn!” – Lou
06/21/2008 “They are great. You are so very talented. Thanks again for all you have done with the wedding.” – Nancy
06/20/2008 “Very nice job.  It looks like it was a GREAT wedding … I got teary eyed a time or two.” – Rhonda
06/20/2008 “THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Cindy
06/20/2008 “Wow! You really did a great job! …  I’m really impressed with the pics and the website.” – Deb
06/16/2008 “The pictures are awesome!! I am going to be anxiously waiting all the pictures!!!! Thanks Again” – Heather
06/14/2008 “The pics are great. I can’t wait to see the rest. I just love them … Thanks again.” – Nancy
06/13/2008 “Wow, you are soooo talented … very professional.  Thank you …” – Tanya
06/13/2008 “Wow, Lynn!!! Those are GREAT! :)  Can’t wait to see the rest!” – Mary
05/20/2008 “Great photos! You caught many good ones of my daughter, which I will be ordering …” – Melissa
04/03/2008 “These are GREAT!!!  Thank you SO MUCH!!  What wonderful recorded memories of how fun that party was! Thank you for taking the pix!  Thanks again!” – Mary
01/06/2008 “I got the pictures. They are wonderful!!  Thank you so much for the keychain – it made me very happy!!” – Cindy
04/09/2007 “What a beautiful photo!  The heart of the artist!  Really lovely.” – Phyllis
01/16/2007 “It’s AWESOME! … I LOVE it! Thank you SO much! :)” – Mary
01/05/2007 “Everything looked great. Thank you for all of the extra goodies also!” – Lisa
12/20/2006 “I think the one you think is the best is perfect. I need 70 pictures, size 3-1/2 x 5. Thanks so much!” – Tammy
12/01/2006 “I would like to place another order … Thanks again for such a creative way to showcase our daughter and her love of horses.” – Joann
11/25/2006 “They are so great! How many should I select for the collage? There are so many good ones! Thank you so much!” – Lisa
11/24/2006 “Thank you so much for the wonderful package!! Everyone is so impressed with these that the extras are being snapped up as well. I am making another list as Thanksgiving brought many more requests. Would like another copy of the collage and the pics … Thank you for all the extra products as well.  Our holiday shopping is gonna be pretty simplified as these are lovely gifts. Let me know the price … and know we are just so happy with your work. Fondly, The McAfee’s
11/23/2006 “I definitely want them on CD … there are so many good ones…! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated … because there are so many great ones … I guess I couldn’t get all of them on one collage?! (Just kidding!) … it’s going to be hard to decide … HELP please.” – Sharon
11/17/2006 “We like the horizontal version best! It’s really wonderful. Thank you for such attention and choices. … putting it together takes such creativity … Again this is so awesome and my family will be so happy to see this collage.” – Joann
11/16/2006 “Wow, those pics were wonderful … thank you …! … Thank you more than ever … Again thank you for your special talent to capture our daughter’s spirit.” – Joann
07/09/2006 “Thanks for the pics. They are great!  I am very much interested in doing a shoot …” – Sharon
06/29/2006 “I checked out the Talbot Run web site today … very very nice. Would you be interested in taking some family pictures for me? … I’d also like to get some formals done … I’d love for you to do them … Thanks!” – Sharon